Our Prices at Northcote Waste

Because each of our waste clearance solutions is tailor-made to fit your needs, we don’t have a one-size-fits-all price list. That’s why we offer a free, no-obligation quote to every customer.

Never Knowingly Undercut

If we can, we’ll also try and offer you a better deal than our competitors: just like John Lewis! Call us on 07742 051 566 to see how our quote compares to the one you’ve been given by a different rubbish clearance company.

When we calculate our quotes, we take a number of different factors into account. Among these is the kind of rubbish to be cleared, how extensively it needs to be sorted, how much everything weighs and the overall volume you’re asking us to take away.

How Many Washing Machines?

Believe it or not, that’s the question we most often ask our customers. This is because we estimate waste volume in cubic yards, and one cubic yard is about the same size as two standard British washing machines. So don’t be surprised when we ask you to give us a rough idea of the amount of waste you need clearing in terms of washing machines!

Building and Garden Waste

If the waste you’re asking us to clear is especially dense, like topsoil or construction aggregates, we’ll calculate the cost by weight. That’s why we always issue a provisional quote, which we’ll then adjust or confirm when we actually visit your premises. It’s also why we ask you to specify the kind of waste you’re asking us to clear before we calculate your quote.

Manpower Included

All our quotes include the appropriate level of manpower. Let’s face it, doing it yourself is fine when you’re loading something like a skip bag, but if you have a lot of rubbish to clear it’s far quicker and easier to allow us to take the strain. We’ll even sweep up after ourselves to leave you with as little to do as possible.

We reserve our vehicle-only solutions for trade professionals who prefer to hire their own labour.

2 Steps to Lower Costs

You can help us bring our prices even further within your budget by doing two simple things:

  1. Sort your waste as extensively as possible.
  2. Put it all in the same place, preferably one where we can easily get to it.