Commercial Waste Clearance Clapham, Battersea

Take a look at the waste services section of the London borough of Kensington and Chelsea website and you’ll see the following definition of commercial waste:

“Commercial waste is any waste produced within the confines of a business.”

It’s important for you to know that your business rates don’t cover commercial rubbish clearance. So if you’re in business and you’re generating waste, you need to have some kind of commercial waste clearance solution in place.

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Your Duty of Care With Our Commercial Waste Clearance

As the owner of a business of whatever size, you have a legal obligation to make sure your waste is kept tidy and safe and to arrange for its timely removal. The definition of commercial waste covers everything you throw away while you’re at your business premises, from used teabags to a broken photocopier. The only business people exempt from the laws governing commercial waste are those who work from home.

Among other considerations, you need to make sure that your bins are large enough and secure enough to contain the amount and type of rubbish your business produces. You also need to arrange for waste collections on a frequent enough basis to stop waste overflowing on to the street. Additionally, any bulky items need to be stored safely and removed promptly: some of them even need to be disposed of in specialist collections.

Failure to store and dispose of your commercial waste in the right way can attract a hefty fine, so it’s essential to get your commercial waste collection set up properly with a registered waste carrier.

What We Offer

Every business is unique, so we offer a uniquely flexible range of waste removal solutions. Our expert commercial waste clearance team can advise you on the finer points of your duty of care, and brief you on the use of the right bins for the kind of waste you produce. We also specialise in post-festival or after-concert cleanup and operate a rapid response service for businesses needing additional waste clearance at short notice.

Why Northcote Waste?

As a company, we’ve got the Goldilocks factor: we’re neither too big nor too small, but just the right size to provide the reliability and responsiveness you need. Our clearance solutions are scalable, so we can cater for sole traders or large operations. And last but not least, London is our city. We believe in keeping our services local, specifically within Central, South and West London.

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