House Clearance Clapham, Battersea

Want to de-clutter but don’t know where to start? Or perhaps you just need to clear the contents of a property quickly and without fuss.

If you’re looking for a reliable, professional house clearance service operating in Central, South and West London, you’ve come to the right place. At Northcote Waste, our clearance specialists are happy to remove unwanted items from all or any part of your house. Whether the property in question is a studio flat in a high-rise block or a detached home with a multitude of rooms, we have a fast, no-stress clearance solution to suit.

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Sensitive, Professional House Clearance Experts

We’ve been offering clearance solutions for longer than we care to remember, and we know that the very idea of house clearance can be anxiety-provoking. That’s why our team of house clearance professionals will work with you to make the experience as painless as possible. We’ll treat your property with respect, and will always reuse, recycle or repurpose items wherever possible.

Offering Complete or Partial House Clearance

You might want to clear just one room: for example, many of our customers ask us to remove years of accumulated furniture and bric a brac from their garage so that they can park their car is clean and secure conditions. Some ask us to help them clear before or after moving home. We also help many people who’ve just become overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of their belongings. And of course, we’re always on hand to clear entire properties after bereavement or illness. Whatever your requirements, our team will strive to meet them with discretion and efficiency.

What We’ll Remove

We’ll clear all manner of objects from bulky furniture through white goods and electrical items to books and clothing. The only substances we can’t remove are those posing health and safety issues, such as asbestos and hazardous chemicals. But when we find anything like that amongst your property, we’ll give advice on the right way to clear it safely.

Services for Legal Professionals, Property Developers, Executors and Administrators

When you need to make a property look good for the housing market, we can help. We’ll quickly and efficiently remove fixtures, fittings and even large items requiring specialist disposal. Our clearance team will even sweep the area free of removing debris after they’ve finished, keeping the amount you have to do to a minimum.

Northcote Waste offer house clearance in West, South and Central London. Get a free quote today.