Office Waste Clearance Clapham, Battersea

If you’re an office manager or business owner in Central, West or South London covering Clapham and Battersea, you need our number in your mobile phone’s address book. Because when you’re ready to upgrade your office equipment, clear that junk-filled conference room or refurbish your entire premises, we can make the experience of rubbish collection virtually painless.

Our professional, courteous clearance team will work with you to make sure your waste is removed without compromising your productivity.

We also offer a rapid response clearance service when you need emergency office waste removal.

Call Northcote Waste on 07742 051 566 to discuss your needs today.

Our Office Waste Clearance Solutions

We offer a sliding scale of solutions tailored to everybody from sole traders to large corporations, so as you can see, not only are we reliable and helpful, we’re flexible, too. We’re also aware that the disposal of corporate waste comes with particular confidentiality concerns, which is why we offer specialist data destruction and document shredding. And of course, our recycling policy and WEEE legislation compliance mean we’ll take care of your obligations to the law and the environment.

What to Expect

  • We’ll separate your office waste into different streams such as paper, wood, metal and electrical.
  • We’ll make sure that items in good enough condition are reused or repurposed: this could mean a donation to charity or resale.
  • Hard drives, servers and other data storage devices will be wiped or physically destroyed.
  • Documents containing confidential information will be securely shredded.
  • Waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) will be disposed of or recycled in a manner compliant with legislation.

How You Can Help Us

You can help us provide you with the best possible office waste removal service by being as clear as possible about what you’d like us to do. Why not take photographs of the items to be taken away, or mark them with coloured labels? We’d also greatly appreciate any information about traffic, parking or access restrictions in your area of London. Apart from that, we’ll take the strain, letting you get on with what you do best: running your office.

Northcote Waste offer affordable, professional office waste clearance solutions. Get your free quote today.