Protecting The Enviroment

Did you know that all of the necessary components to keep life on earth functioning are here with us today? They were formed in the millennia before the evolution of humans, and we won’t get a fresh supply. If we’re to maintain our planet in a fit condition to support life, these components must be reused and recycled. Nature depends on recycling, and so does the future of humankind.

When you use our clearance solutions, we recycle as much of your waste as we can: typically over 80%. If you live in South, Central or West London, contact us on 07742 051 566 to find out how we can help you make your rubbish removal environmentally positive.

Alternatives to Recycling

The landfill is still the way we manage most of our waste in the UK, even in these environmentally enlightened times. According to data published by Leicester University, 55% of domestic and 44% of commercial waste ends up in landfill sites. Until fairly recently, the only viable alternative to landfill was incineration. Both methods make your rubbish go away, but they both come with high environmental costs.

Environmental Costs of Landfill

Incinerating rubbish produces carbon dioxide emissions in just the same way as burning fossil fuels, a factor which contributes to global warming through enhancing the greenhouse effect. But waste in landfill produces methane, a greenhouse gas 21 times more potent than carbon dioxide. It’s clear that if we care about our children’s future, we must avoid landfill.

International Treaty Obligations and the Climate Change Act

Britain has obligations under a number of international treaties (such as the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, the Kyoto Protocol, the Copenhagen Protocol and the Cancun Agreements). Among other targets identified by these treaties is the important objective of keeping the overall global temperature rise below 2 degrees Celsius. In 2008 the Climate Change Act was passed, and this obliges us to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to 20% of the levels recorded in 1990.

We have a long way to go to meet these obligations, but even the smallest contribution helps.

We Keep Your Waste Out Of Landfill

Whether you’re looking for garden waste removal, junk clearance, house clearance or commercial waste collection, Northcote Waste will keep a large proportion of your waste out of the landfill. Our reuse and recycle rate currently averages around 80%. When you book one of our rubbish collection services, you’re protecting our environment and helping to achieve those crucial climate change targets.

If you live in Central, South or West London, click here to get a free quote for environmentally friendly waste removal.